Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A day in the life of...

So you want to know how busy a director is?

Here's my average daily E-Uni workload:
- Get up, check forums and research jobs waiting to be delivered
- Work between 8 - 16 hours, checking forums on a regular basis
- Log in, check research jobs
- Work through all eve mail for the day
- Work through all requests for POS access
- Answer convo's from members asking about research, production, or generally wanting to vent

Then there's the things I do every few days:
- Order MORE minerals for the BS loan scheme
- Build some more ships for the BS loan scheme
- Try to spend some more time on the E-Uni production contracts
- Continue to work on writing research guides
- Work on any other projects I might have (There are a few)

And finally....REFUEL THE POS!!!

There's a few more bits and pieces that change on a daily basis, but you get the idea. All in all, its a busy old life!

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