Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Breathing some life into the blog

I pretty much abandon this page when I stepped down as the Director of Industry from Eve University. A few months after that I left the Uni to help start a new corp. Seppuku Warriors. That was a while ago, and since then a lots been happening.

I'm not going to revisit it for this post. Most of it's already splashed over CAOD, Eve University forums, and Dee Carsons blog. If you want a blanaced view on the last few months of Seppuku. Check his blog out. Instead I'll use this as I originally intended, but not for the corp I started it with. I'll continue to put foward my views, and my reasoning, on all things Seppuku.

Lets see if I can keep this one up to date.

Friday, June 6, 2008

A pat on the back

I made a post the other day, basically saying thank you to all those people who put the hours in to keep the Uni running:

Well the war's over, and the work load climbs even higher.

As a director every corp application appears in your inbox. Its annoying. During any war you look at the frequency of applications and you spare a thought for the poor RO's who'll have to process them. Then you consider all the classes that'll have to be taught (You always try to ramp up the number of classes per subject, per week, after a dec to cover all the new recruits). Finally, as a Director you spare a thought for you and the rest of the leadership who are going to be very busy people over the coming weeks.

As this war dragged on I looked forward to the end of the dec when I could return to missioning, peaceful exploration, and teaching. I also thought about just how much work the directors, managers, instructors, teachers and mentors, were going to contend with. With something like 700 applications waiting to be processed it's clear we've got a lot of paperwork to get through and a lot of noobs to teach.

Its always great to have new blood in the corp. It brings with it a hunger for learning and opportunities that revitalises a corp after a protracted war dec, and it also makes you realise just how great the Uni is. Kudos to each and every one of you who processes the applications, who takes a class, or who mentors a student. The work load is climbing but the Uni will not be found wanting.

A very big pat on the back from me to each and every one of you making the Uni all that it is.
I started this post, to talk about the work load from my perspective and then decided to expand on it to give everyone a better idea of just what happens after a war dec. The majority of you will be out missioning and mining, but there are some who'll still be dealing with the aftermath for days if not weeks.

Now that might sound a bit dramatic but its no joke. I can give you a very good indicator of just how busy things are.

Those of you who use the Uni labs for research will be used to seeing plenty of empty slots. On average we have around 12 jobs running at anyone time. That's 4 labs, out of a possible 9. Within 24 hours of the dec, the RO's had obviously been busy processing the apps because I came back to find the labs completely full. This is NOT the norm!

Remember that's not even the new students because no one gets lab access before gaining the Student title. Its great to see, and its the way the labs should look because its such a great opportunity for the students, but it was a bit of a shock to log in to that.

So while its great to be back missioning, mining, and all the other things we enjoy doing out of war. When you really want that title, or you really want that item from the hanger, spare a thought for the people who keep the Uni running because they are still under seige and they've got a way to go yet.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A day in the life of...

So you want to know how busy a director is?

Here's my average daily E-Uni workload:
- Get up, check forums and research jobs waiting to be delivered
- Work between 8 - 16 hours, checking forums on a regular basis
- Log in, check research jobs
- Work through all eve mail for the day
- Work through all requests for POS access
- Answer convo's from members asking about research, production, or generally wanting to vent

Then there's the things I do every few days:
- Order MORE minerals for the BS loan scheme
- Build some more ships for the BS loan scheme
- Try to spend some more time on the E-Uni production contracts
- Continue to work on writing research guides
- Work on any other projects I might have (There are a few)

And finally....REFUEL THE POS!!!

There's a few more bits and pieces that change on a daily basis, but you get the idea. All in all, its a busy old life!

In the beginning...

Well, I tried to avoid having one of these for...well pretty much since blogging became the in thing to do. Quite why people went from writing in their diaries and hiding it about their bedroom, to publishing it online is beyond me. Maybe it means sisters really do want their diaries read?

Anyway! This blog is here for a few reasons.

1) To give the E-Uni students a chance to see just how busy a directors life is. I'm just hoping I can find enough time to blog here on a regular basis.

2) Update those interested in the progress of the various projects the Research and Production side of the Uni have going on.

I'll be adding entries over the next few days. Here's hoping those of you reading find it useful.