Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A day in the life of...

So you want to know how busy a director is?

Here's my average daily E-Uni workload:
- Get up, check forums and research jobs waiting to be delivered
- Work between 8 - 16 hours, checking forums on a regular basis
- Log in, check research jobs
- Work through all eve mail for the day
- Work through all requests for POS access
- Answer convo's from members asking about research, production, or generally wanting to vent

Then there's the things I do every few days:
- Order MORE minerals for the BS loan scheme
- Build some more ships for the BS loan scheme
- Try to spend some more time on the E-Uni production contracts
- Continue to work on writing research guides
- Work on any other projects I might have (There are a few)

And finally....REFUEL THE POS!!!

There's a few more bits and pieces that change on a daily basis, but you get the idea. All in all, its a busy old life!

In the beginning...

Well, I tried to avoid having one of these for...well pretty much since blogging became the in thing to do. Quite why people went from writing in their diaries and hiding it about their bedroom, to publishing it online is beyond me. Maybe it means sisters really do want their diaries read?

Anyway! This blog is here for a few reasons.

1) To give the E-Uni students a chance to see just how busy a directors life is. I'm just hoping I can find enough time to blog here on a regular basis.

2) Update those interested in the progress of the various projects the Research and Production side of the Uni have going on.

I'll be adding entries over the next few days. Here's hoping those of you reading find it useful.